About MOST

What We Do

Melrose Open Studio Tour (MOST) offers a self-guided tour of artist studios and exhibition spaces throughout Melrose, Massachusetts, connecting nearly 50 artists to the community through a much-anticipated annual event. This is an opportunity to talk with artists, hear their stories, see their work, and purchase art directly from the source for your home or business. 

What We Believe

The arts have the potential to transform society. Art allows people free expression. Artistic enjoyment gives us shared experiences that connect us all to our community. The arts help people of all ages develop communication skills and engage in critical thinking. MOST aims to improve the quality of life in Melrose by supporting and celebrating its art scene and the artists who live here.

Collaborations and Initiatives

Since 2017, our outreach in Melrose has expanded to other arts initiatives, most notably with Melrose Arts, the Beebe Estate Gallery, and Follow Your Art Community Studios. We are always learning from artists and arts organizations both within and outside of Melrose, especially at a time when virtual engagement with the arts has grown dramatically. 

“We attend art fairs and studio tours regularly, and found the quality and talent of work presented to be unique, interesting and really very good. The varied venues we visited were full even at the end of the day, and yet every artists was happy to tell us their story and explain their method. I made many great and lucky purchases. Thank you for this really great opportunity! We are looking forward to next year already.”

Stephanie Bartlett (visitor from Groveland)

Agusta Agustsson at 2018 MOST

Individual & Community Spaces

During the Melrose Open Studio Tour (MOST), nearly 50 Melrose artists will open their studio doors to share their work and inspirations with the public. MOST is a wonderful time to meet artists, view new pieces and works in process, watch live demonstrations, learn about an artist’s process from conception to completion, and even buy original art in a wide range of media. Beyond an art sale, the Melrose Open Studio Tour is a chance to experience firsthand how, where, and why art is created.

Agusta Agustsson at 2018 MOST

Artists & Art Supporters

Melrose is a place where creative expression thrives. The curious to the creative and all the colors in between – enthusiasts, hobbyists, crafters, aspiring artists, and established professionals.


The Melrose Open Studio Tour (MOST) supports collaborations with local arts shops such as the Hourglass Gift Gallery, Miter Biter Frame Co., Crosscut Sewing, and others. 

More about MOST from the Community...

“It’s a tour of discovery, of hidden, secret studios.” Catherine Bertulli


“Viewing art where it was created rather than in a formal exhibition space…” Eva Cincotta


“Artists aren’t’ the loudest people in the community often, and you realize you have a lot of people really around who do have a voice, in a different way.” Adrian Johnston


“It’s such a great example of what’s happening in Melrose behind closed doors. The curtain hadn’t opened and now it’s open, and we can see the incredible amount of talent behind the scenes.” Nancy Kukura (Melrose Messina Fund)


“There are a lot of artists working in Melrose, more than I realized. I thought I was working in isolation.” Agusta Agusssson


“I’m so impressed with all the artistic talent in Melrose, hidden away in the nooks and crannies.” Jeana MacNeil (visitor from Melrose)


“I see us all as ambassadors of art , of getting ourselves out there to the people, so people realize there’s this wonderful resource of creative talent  in the community.” Ellen Rolli


“It’s like there are all these treasures sprinkled around the community. How wonderful is that, to  make those discoveries, and then have them have this wonderful exposure and this opportunity to share what they do with the public.” Ellen Rolli, speaking about the artists.


“The Melrose Open Studio Tour allows the public to meet, engage, and see working artists in their creative environments.” Debra Corbett


“So much talent put forth by our community, and feeling honored for being invited into homes and the artistic talent we were able to experience.” Eric Moss (visitor from Melrose)

With thanks to our generous sponsors:

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Melrose Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.


Melrose, MA 02176, USA

Coming Up Soon

5th Annual Melrose Open Studio Tour

November 20 and 21, 2021