ACG Glass Art

Borosilicate Glass Flameworker

Artist Bio

What started as a curiosity led him to take a “make your own paper weight” class at Diablo Glass Art in Roxbury. Alex Ginches, borosilicate flame worker, has learned with masters of many different styles and backgrounds, including Chris Hubbard, who instilled a valuable set of fundamentals, Simone Crestani, a cutting edge Italian master who specializes in hollow forms, Jerry Kelly, an extraordinary milli/murrine maker, Daniel Coyle, a talented sculptor with a scientific background, Salt, one of the greatest alive, and lastly Eusheen Goines, the most precise with pattern and designs. Alex strives to improve his skills daily.

Artist Statement

I found glassblowing while I was feeling lost and it has given me a purpose and passion that I’ve put my all into and never looked back. I’m obsessed with the challenges glass poses and figuring them out. Most of my work draws inspiration from nature and the ocean. Literal blood, sweat, tears, cuts and burns goes into this – and I love every second.