Bev Hinckley

Quilt Arts and Homeware

Artist Bio

Bev Hinckley began her textile journey in mixed media using natural objects such as crayfish claws, rocks, bird nests, and interesting bits of wood to create landscapes. Integrating fabric added color and texture to her work. She now works mostly in fabric creating art pieces, fabric cards, upcycled mittens and homeware. She is experimenting with fabric sculpture. Bev does a lot of commission work making wall hangings, t-shirts, and wedding quilts.

Artist Statement

I would spend summers at Stoney Lake in Ontario. Having nature all around me, I collected rocks, bones, nests, and wood to create landscapes. My mixed media work in shows there were a hit! So, I continued exploring form and texture. Just before I retired, I used my sewing skills to take a quilting class and I moved into art quilting. And, here I am.