Agusta Agustsson

Textile Artist

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Artist Bio

Agusta Agustsson combines her love of fabrics with a commitment to the environment. She has exhibited her work since the 1970s. Her work is in several museum collections, most prominently the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Several corporations have also collected her work. While working at the Graphic Workshop, she earned local, national, and international recognition for her silkscreen posters. Agusta holds a Bachelor’s degree in painting from Massachusetts College of Art and Design as well as a MSAEd. She taught art for 22 years. The intense colors and stark beauty of her native Iceland often find their way into her work.

Artist Statement

My work straddles the space between chance and intention. I print my fabrics with plants I find on my walks or plastic I pull from my trash. The past few years, climate change and pollution have dominated my thoughts. I layer my fabrics intuitively. The emotional impact of line, shape, and color on the viewer is more important than narrative.