Ellen Rolli


Studio Contact 

169 West Emerson Street


Artist Bio

Ellen maintains a full time studio/gallery in the Cedar Park neighborhood of her hometown of Melrose. A contemporary painter, Ellen uses acrylic paint and mixed media materials to create works on canvas and paper in a variety of sizes. She often works in series in order to explore many possibilities within a particular theme. Ellen is a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art where she majored in Art Education and minored in Painting. She has had several group and solo exhibitions and, in 2009, was awarded a month-long artists residency at the historic Fine Arts Center of Provincetown. Ellen’s works are collected in the U.S. and abroad.

Artist Statement

As a contemporary painter, I am interested in interpreting subject and emotion in an abstract, intuitive way. The process, daring paint application, color, texture, and the element of discovery inspire me. As a painting evolves, I react to the dialogue between us until the work is finished. Every painting is a new and exciting journey.