Gary Borkan


Studio Contact

APG Glass Studio, Cambridge MA

Artist Bio

Gary Borkan began glassblowing in Cambridge, MA in 2000. It had always been a dream of his to create glass and be an artist. Fascinated by art and craft through history, Gary is a lifelong collector and professional antique dealer in posters and prints. Every day of his entire lifetime, he has loved to look at beautiful human made things, especially artwork and architecture. For Gary, glassmaking is an ongoing learning and skills process, and it has become increasingly rewarding to explore creativity in this extremely challenging art.

Artist Statement

I enjoy creating glass that is evocative of the natural world and making pieces in which the colors swirl and flow. I try to wrap colored glass in the manner of brushwork and invite the viewer to pick it up and see differences as it is rotated in hand. Though glass is “static,” I want it to show “action.”