Jen Blesso

Acrylic and Mixed Media

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Artist Bio

Jen Blesso is an abstract artist and teacher. She is drawn to fiber arts and mixed media. Currently, Jen works in acrylics – layering and working up colors while adding various materials. Paper, metal, tree bark, sequins and other found objects are incorporated into her work to create texture and interest. She received her BA in Art History and continues to study art individually and through classes. For Jen, making art is when she feels the bravest and the most free to take risks in her creative endeavors. 

Artist Statement

Color energizes me. I have expanded my art making from an intuitive exploration of color to applying the study of color theory. My artwork reflects the energy I get from mixing color, laying down color, and thinking about color. Exploring color through line, shape, and texture allows me to focus on the joy of color.