Karim Badwan

Reclamation, Design, Lighting, and Furniture

Studio Contact

21 Felton Place Melrose, MA 02176

Artist Bio

For almost 24 years, Karim Badwan has worked in lighting and production design for theater, opera, dance, TV and film. In the past five years, Karim has begun to focus on sustainable design closer to home, both literally and figuratively. Working out of his home shop, Karim has created custom light fixtures and furniture for many restaurants, commercial spaces, and private homes. His work can be seen in such places as the Design Center, Alston’s Tavern on the Green, and many more. Karim’s lighting and furniture design is an ever-changing and evolving process that, at its core, is about creating sustainable and functional art.

Artist Statement

In an age of planned obsolescence and fast cheap products, I have made sustainability and long-lasting contemporary design the cornerstones of my work. The central theme or accompanying elements of any given design are repurposed goods that are harvested, reinvented, and redefined in a responsible and thoughtful way.