Margaret Swan


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Margaret Swan’s new painted aluminum sculpture, explores the affinity of structures in nature to those found in architecture and the built world around us. Inspired by skeletal and skin-like forms that evoke the structure of sailboat rigging, Swan’s sculptures emphasize the tension between lines and planes in space.

Armatures built from lengths of square tubing and other aluminum components, support layers of thin aluminum sheets, creating a dynamic taut interplay, and activating the space around the sculptures. Subtle changes in color, achieved through the layering of acrylic stains, add to the illusion of depth and enrich the surfaces.

Awarded two Massachusetts Artist Fellowships in Sculpture and other grants during her career, Swan is a graduate of Bennington College and Syracuse University.  Her sculpture has been featured in museum exhibitions throughout New England, including the Aldrich Museum, the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, and the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston.


Aloft, 2018, 48”x68”x8”, painted aluminum

Margaret Swan with Square Rig, 2017, 43”x51”x8”, painted aluminum