Debbie Haney

Mixed Media

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Artist Bio

Influenced by a lifetime of world travel, Deb Haney collects anything old, odd or unusual that catches her eye. Shec onsiders herself a folk artist, always experimenting with new techniques and materials. She has sold handmade jewelry and adornments for many years here and in California. A Melrose resident since the 1970s, Deb has long been a part of the local art community. Her annual plant swaps inspired garden art. Nowadays, she is inspired every day by her beachfront view and the many faces of nature, while the family home is still  thriving with the next generation of Haneys!

Artist Statement

What draws me to art is experimenting with turnIng objects into something new. In jewelry, I often use antique, ethnic,  repurposed, and unexpected materials. I love that artists are drawn to my work. My latest passion is collage. I really love the local painted paper collage groups and, since COVID, have tapped into vintage 60s magazines. I never dreamed art was so addictive – now, it’s a must for me every day!