Jenne Rayburn


Metal, Glass

Artist Bio

Jenne Rayburn is a goldsmith, enamellist, and seasoned designer who creates wearable pieces of art that are a contemporary distillation of ancient handcrafts, ornament, and mythology. An artist who also studied architecture, her work explores the convergence of design, technique, and identity. Intrigued by the centuries old technique of enameling on metal (a process of fusing thin coats of specially-prepared ground glass to metal in a kiln using extremely high controlled heat), Jenne strives to push her understanding of historical enamel methods to create richly textured, artistically expressive, and technically innovative contemporary art jewelry.

Artist Statement

History and tradition, vernacular design, and indigenous peoples inspire my work. I am fascinated with myths and folklore that recount heroic adventures and connect us to a larger purpose. These stories strive to express the mystery and complexity of the human experience and the relationships that influence and inspire us.