Kerry Pegoraro

Painting and Printmaking

Studio Contact

647 Main Street, Studio 3

Artist Bio

Kerry Pegoraro is an emerging artist working in a variety of media – acrylic, oils, cut paper, and printmaking. She works primarily as a painter and white line printmaker in an abstract style with the occasional foray into realism. She particularly enjoys juxtaposing organic and geometric elements in her work, with a focus on color and movement. She holds a degree in photojournalism from Boston University and a certificate in graphic design from MassArt. She is currently an Artist-in-Residence at Follow Your Art Community Studios in Melrose and sits on the Executive Board of Melrose Arts.

Artist Statement

My artwork is quirky, fun, and frequently experimental. Bright colors, texture, and movement are key elements in anything I create. I am especially interested in exploring the juxtaposition of the organic and geometric in an abstract style. I find inspiration in my surroundings and my work is constantly evolving.