Lisa Tiemann

Painting, Mosaic and Stained Glass

Artist Bio

Lisa B. Tiemann studied art primarily at L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Switzerland; Harvard University, Cambridge, MA; the State University of NY; Massachusetts College of Art; and as artist/artisan working in professional glass and sculpture studios. She painted and sculpted first; then came years of working and teaching in stained glass, mosaic, and dance, all informed by painting. Her work has been exhibited in arts and crafts galleries and shows and in public and privately commissioned installations mainly in the Northeast.

Artist Statement

My art centers on our human relationship to the natural world. It explores both the exotic – rain forests and coral reefs, for example – and that which we consider mundane, such as our backyards. It also depicts humans in dance, the body, and our animal nature. I work to convey the vibrancy of our fundamental connections to the world we inhabit.