Sally Bowman Gordon

Homemade Paper Collage and Acrylics

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647 Main Street,  Studio 1

Artist Bio

Sally Bowman Gordon, SBG Designs, creates her own paper and sculpts it into an image or two to create a scene. David Leonelli, a former gallery owner in Ogunquit, called it “paperscapes.” She has recently taken that 3-D quality to canvases by sewing an image and “stuffing it!” Then, she paints these canvases with acrylics. Sally’s father, Dean Bowman, was a sculptor and art professor where she grew up in Minnesota. She has a M.Ed. from Lesley College in Creative Arts & Learning, and a B.A. from Concordia College in Communications and Art.

Artist Statment

After painting acrylics, I began looking at doing something different. I tried paper making. I mushed up some scraps I had and ended up making an apple. So the process began. I still experimented and discovered I could create a whole scene of a story. Nature and biblical stories are my treasured inspirations, but there are others, too!