Sheryl Zelten


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Artist Bio

Growing up in Vermont, Sheryl was immersed in the beauty of nature all around her as a child. She was inspired to draw and paint her landscape and environment in art classes and on her own. Sheryl earned a degree in Occupational Therapy at Tufts University; while there, she continued to study art in classes offered through the School of the Museum for Fine Arts. Since then, she has taken ceramics classes at Mudflat Studio in Somerville for over 30 years and can be seen “throwing” pots in her Melrose backyard all summer long.

Artist Statement

I continue to be inspired by the beauty I witness daily in nature. I love color – vivid blues, greens, purples and reds – incorporating both the peacefulness and turbulent energy of the sky, the woods, and the ocean. In this current sea of uncertainty, I believe we can all find an oasis of peace and inner beauty through art and creativity.